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Do you want to update the skills of your current workforce or develop their human capital in the areas of Data Protection, Data Analytics, Engineering & Sustainability?

InterContinental Eduresearch Consult (ICEC) specializes in advisory and consultancy services in the areas of: (a) Data and Data Management; (b) Sustainable Exploitation of Natural Resources including oilfield data sampling, mining, energy, ecosystem services and natural capital; (c) Advanced Data Analytics for the Energy Industry and (d) Sustainable Infrastructure Development / operation and the associated externalities. We have staff members who have successfully worked, and/or advised, on cognate projects with clients such as multinational oil companies, national governments and intergovernmental organisations like the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA-RI), the African Development Bank and so on.

Sending employees abroad as part of private or government commitment to promote quality education/manpower while domesticating the gains remains a financially important endeavour that requires careful planning and budgeting. Therefore, we at ICEC pride ourselves on providing unique and digitally-enhanced services in the wider area of data management and data analytics, sustainable development covering the United Nations SDGs on affordable energy, sustainable infrastructure and access to clean water. How should banks, educators, business firms, financial institutions, government bodies, the informal sector etc. ensure projects in these key areas are data-driven, truly sustainable and what metrics are optimal to measure the level of progress over time? How do we profitably manage the emerging digital revolution, big data and analytics in these contexts?

"A quality education grants us the ability to fight the war on ignorance and poverty"

- Charles B. Rangel

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