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Do you want to develop the human capital of the young or update the skills of current workforce?

InterContinental Education Consult can advise on the best financially feasible options with reputable institutions abroad. Sending employees or students abroad as part of government commitment to promote quality education/manpower and domesticate the gains amongst its citizens back home is a serious endeavour that requires careful planning, budgeting and sustainable exit strategy. It is a process that has no immediate visible impact in the short term, but surely investment in quality international education and training is loaded with delayed gratification in the medium to long term which will in turn positively impact economic fortunes of the state or country. Therefore, it is worth considering the best professional advice based on hands-on experience, and we at InterContinental Education Consult pride ourselves on providing unique services in the wider area of foreign University education and training.

"A quality education grants us the ability to fight the war on ignorance and poverty"

- Charles B. Rangel

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